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Senior Software Engineer

Job Id: CSPL20181

Status: Opened

Category: Engineering

Employment Type: Full Time

Skills & Responsibility

  • 3+ years of S/W development exp in C#, Java, ASP.NET or MVC.
  • Demonstrated problem solving, coding and debugging skills.
  • Excellence in software engineering practices.

UX Graphic Designer

Job Id: CSPL20182

Status: Opened

Category: Designing

Employment Type: Full Time

Skills & Responsibility

  • Skilled in Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator.
  • Experience in designing of banners, logos.
  • Creating graphic aspects of applications.

Codeinks Software Private Limited ("CSPL") is a young vibrant product and platform startup, headquartered in Bangalore, India.

Founded in November 2013, CSPL has created large bespoke commerce platforms using its e-commerce engine cartvines™, Ai enabled legal digital platform, Analytics, Enterprise Applications and Integration with Warehouse platforms, Payment gateways, Wallets and many more.

Mobility and Social Media including ChatBots is integral part of the CSPL strategy and focus. Open and Learning culture foster's growth personally and for the organization, and the coolest part is we encourage you to come up with ideas and help refining, sharpen strategy and focus.

We listen and encourage, playing in shades of grey, that’s where innovation and learning happens.

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